Why I liked Surrogates the Movie


This is a movie for the science fiction fans and unbelievable futuristic worlds where when the impossible happen, it is considered normal. The film was made in 2009 and it is action-packed with a lot of thrilling moments. The movie is PG rated (13 years) and runs for about one hour and twenty-nine minutes. Its premier was received with mixed reviews by critics receiving 6.3 out of ten from the International Movie Database, 38% rating from Rotten Tomatoes and 45%from Metacritic.

The plot of the movie is engrossing: it is set in a futuristic world where human beings live in isolation and do not interact at all but can live vicariously through what is called surrogates – replicas of the human form and mind but in the form of a robot – which can be controlled by the mind of their creator. These surrogate robots present themselves to the world as younger, better, and more attractive than the real person is, and in reality, no one you meet is there in their physical form. Some of these surrogates even go to the gym, so I assume they are fitter than the persons that control them; it’s a bit of a confounding world this movie creates.

When a surrogate is murdered which in effect leads to the death of its human form owner due to some odd linkage through technology, things spiral out of control and the relatively peaceful world created here is thrust into chaos. Greer and his partner, Jennifer Peters of the FBI, are called to investigate the murder and are shocked to find that the victim is the child of the founder of the surrogacy program Dr. Lionel canter. Dr. Canter has grown somewhat disillusioned about his invention of the avatars, and the investigation sends Greer to a community of people called Dreads who reject the programme and have chosen to live with each other in the flesh.

When something goes wrong with Greer’s avatar, and he miraculously survives, he must descend into the streets as his flesh self in all his bald glory to keep working the case of who is murdering the surrogates and their owners. The movie descends into apparent chaos after that with adequate action scenes from Bruce Willis and more solving of puzzles.

The cast of this movie includes the celebrated action actor Bruce Willis as Agent Greer, Radha Mitchell as Agent Peters, Rosamund Pike as Maggie Greer, James Cromwell as Dr. Canter, Victor Webster as Lopez, James Ginty as a young Greer and Devin Ratray as Bobby. The ensemble of this cast was made to boost the image of the movie, specifically the presence of Bruce Willis, a feat that did not work as effectively as may have been anticipated.

Overall, the movie was a great one to watch, and I will admit it was most likely due to Bruce Willis’ part in it, but the action scenes were awesome, the storyline adequately interesting to keep you watching to the end and the camera work was done well. However, the plot may have been a little ambitious for the movie, and many critics have termed it merely unbelievable in a way that would not work with the diversity of the real world.