Victor Webster’s Versatility


Honestly, if it weren’t for Days of Our Lives, I probably wouldn’t have become such a fan of Victor Webster. I mean, I’m so glad he starred in such an iconic show, and I gotta say, TV loves him. There’s something about him that makes him such a good actor. I also loved him in Mutant X and in Continuum, which were two completely different kinds of shows, and he handled them perfectly. But, you know, it’s just him. If you’ve ever seen any of his movies, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

His range as an actor is amazing. He has literally played so many different roles, I’m often aghast whenever I see a new appearance of his. Like in The Scorpion King – have you ever seen that? Ah-mazing. Both films. I mean, I don’t watch action-packed fantasy movies otherwise, but I saw this one because he was in it, obviously.

So, I wanted to talk about his later work. I, like many people, love Christmas movies. So one cozy October night while I was doing my skincare and scrolling through Facebook, I saw that the Hallmark Channel had scheduled to release some Christmas movies that winter starring no other than Victor Webster! I nearly dropped my phone in my newly renovated toilet from! Is there a better combo than your favorite actor in a Christmas movie, and in several consecutive ones, that is? Thank you, Hallmark!

Actually, he had worked with them previously, once or twice, but this time it was a bigger deal, because not only was he booked for Christmas movies, but also for some other regular Hallmark romance flicks. This was the best thing ever.

No need to repeat that I saw them all. I especially liked Home for Christmas Day. It was a wonderful drama. He plays an active-duty soldier in a long-distance relationship. He was amazing, he handled it perfectly, and Catherine Bell who played opposite him as his love interest was really good. I thought they had very good chemistry on screen.

And out of the non-Christmas movies, I really enjoyed Love Blossoms. It’s about a perfume maker, so as a lover of scents, you can imagine my enjoyment, haha! That’s what makes this movie so romantic, so if you’re ever in the mood for a sweet romance flick, give this one a go. It’s pretty light-hearted, perfect for those aromatic spring evenings when the flowers are in full bloom.

Until next time!