New and recent appearances of Victor Webster


Victor Webster has had a great run in the entertainment scene, and I rank him as one of the best actors who has outweighed all expectation. He has this sense of appeal that is soothing and inviting that leaves his audience craving for more action. His outstanding performance in his early movies such as sunset beach, the Lot and Days of our lives set his career on a roll for greatness. For the die-hard fans like me who were able to witness his transformation through the years, we count ourselves lucky to have been part of his journey. Victor Webster has continued to grace our screens through his recent appearance in the film industry.

The following appearances noted in recent times from 2014 account for his continued growth of his fan base to the younger generation.

  • A good man (2014): this action movie that premiered in 2014 witnessed the appearance of Victor Webster as the main character alongside Steven Seagal. In this movie, Victor Webster acts as Sasha in a thrilling action adventure in a terrorist plot.
  • Christmas Icetastrophe (2014): Victor Webster stars in yet another film in 2014 taking the role of Charlie in a science fiction movie. In this film, he takes on the part of the leading actor.
  • The Magic Stocking (2015): Webster makes an appearance in this movie the following year in 2015. He takes on the role of Scott Terrill.
  • The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power (2015): Webster makes an appearance in the fourth part of the scorpion king series as the main character acting as Mathayus.
  • Mom (2015): In this American sitcom that premiered in 2013, Victor makes a guest appearance in 2015 taking the role of Dr. Harris. His presence in this film is limited to a single episode.
  • Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (2016): This movie is an American drama comedy. Webster has appeared in the film two installments from 2015-2016 acting as Carl.
  • Dead Rising: Endgame (2016): An American horror movie where Webster takes the role of the supporting cast as Chuck Greene.
  • Summer Villa (2016): presents a romantic love story where the characters Terry and Mathew share a villa for the summer and fall in love. Webster acts as Mathew Everston.
  • Love Blossoms (2017): Webster takes the role of a Botanist in the romance movie along Shantel VanSanten.
  • A Harvest Wedding (2017): Victor Webster acts as David Nicholas in this wedding film that premiered in 2017.
  • Home for Christmas Day (2017): the last appearance that Victor Webster showcases on our list is “home for Christmas day.” He performs exemplarily well in this drama filled movie. His performance is alongside Catherine Bell as the main cast in the film.

Through these appearances highlighted, it is evident that Victor Webster continues to shine through his breathtaking performances. Regardless of the movie genre, he is in; he does not fail to impress.