Mutant X


Just recently, Victor got selected to play a starring role as mutant Brennan Mulwray in the television series “Mutant x.” The show is about a team of Mutants who possess superpowers as an effect of genetic engineering. Their mission is to check out and safeguard their fellow New Mutants. The series was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Victor Webster as Brennan Mulwray

In the television series, Victor Webster who played as Brennan is the son of a fighter pilot of the Vietnam war, who got arrested, imprisoned and killed after he was flying was shot down flying behind the enemy lines. Brennan’s mother got married again; however, he and his step-father never got along so well. By the time he was ten years old, he had already begun using his skills of boosting cars. He and his childhood friend Cole Thatcher pulled mad skills like racing on stolen cars in icy lakes; there is an instant in the series when Brennan almost died when the car he was driving went through the ice.

Brennan Mulwray

When Brennan went back to school, he was faced with a court-appointed choice between detention in juvenile and counseling, Brennan chose to see psychologist Dr. Victor Palance. Dr. Victor was the first person who Brennan trusted enough to tell about his new mutant powers. After finishing high school, Brennan went to live in a small apartment with his girlfriend from high school, Becky Dolan, until Becky conned him out of money and dumped him. Brennan’s life included small crimes and grand theft autos. He felt guilty at a point in his life after recommending a friend Denny Logan for a job in a bank which surprisingly turned out to be a set-up, Denny ended up being thrown to jail.

As he was moving his gang up for an armed bank robbery, he saw Emma DeLauro running from the GSA. Unfortunately, when he tried to protect her, he got captured by GSA’s agent Frank Thorne. Brennan decided to join Mutant X after they saved him from the GSA’s captivation. As an electrical elemental, Brennan, also known as “Sparky” can throw tesla coils from his fingers, giving him the ability to jump-start cars and cardiac arrests, electrocute his rivals, and open locks operated electronically. Brennan needs some time of rest between the use of electricity and is not able to use his powers when his body is wet.

It would be right to some extent to say that no one else would play the role of Brennan Mulwray better than Victor Webster did. He made his character and abilities naturally come to life.