Everything You Need to Know about Victor Webster


You may have seen him on your screen playing the tough but resilient Detective Carlos Fenagra on the TV show Continuum, or as Nicholas Alaiman on Days of Our Lives, because Victor Webster is no stranger to the TV. He is an excellent actor that has been active for almost twenty years, from 1998 to this day. He has also appeared in magazines such as People and Cosmopolitan as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors.

He was born and raised in Alberta Canada on 7th February 1973 to parents John Webster who is a police officer and Roswitha Webster who is a hair stylist. Webster comes from a wide descent of Italian, Spanish, French, German, English, and Scottish. His family later moved to California where Victor attended high school in San Clemente and then attended university at Saddleback Junior College. He became a stockbroker for a brief period, owned an import and export company before slowly transitioning into acting.

As a teenager, Victor was known to be a bit of a troublemaker, and after a few run-ins with the wrong crowds, he decided to change. For that, he took up casual kickboxing and martial arts, a feat that earned him a Black Belt in Tae kwon do. He began teaching and competing in amateur kickboxing, and heavyweight Tae kwon do, for which he holds an undefeated record to this day.

He appeared in the 1998 Cosmopolitan issue “All about Men,” and this feature more or less launched his career in the spotlight. His good looks, charm, and talent he developed while participating in high school stage plays begun getting him noticed, and he started getting roles in various films and television shows with multiple networks. Though he has not been nominated for any awards regarding during that time, that has never stopped him push his limits. He performs stunts in some of the projects he does but has complained before that he is expected to disregard most of his practical knowledge about martial arts, let his instincts loose rather than holding on to the control that comes with practicing martial arts.

Victor landed the role of Nicholas in NBC’s favorite daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives in 1999, an iconic character that put him on the Hollywood radar for future acting jobs. He left the soap and joined the cast of an action series called Mutant X in 2001 for three seasons, and was featured in People magazine in 2002 as one of the 50 most eligible bachelors. He has made numerous guest appearances in TV shows like Criminal Minds, Baywatch, Sex and the City, Life Happens, Charmed, NCIS, Bones, Mom, NCIS Los Angeles, Castle, White Collar, and starred as Detective Carlos in the series, Continuum.

Despite working on television projects, Victor Webster has also appeared in various movies including Hallmark Channel’s Home for Christmas Day, Love Blossoms, a Harvest Wedding, the Scorpion King, coming and going, and a few more. He has not been linked to any serious relationships over the course of his career, being an eligible bachelor and all, so he is a single man in Hollywood with a lucrative career and enjoying life.